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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2016

70-473 Test Certification

70-473 Test Certification

Topic 1, Proseware, Inc.


General Overview

Proseware, Inc. Is a software engineering agency that has a hundred personnel. Proseware has income, advertising, money owed, human sources IT, and improvement departments.

The IT branch has one crew devoted to coping with the internal assets and one team devoted to coping with purchaser assets, that are positioned within the employer’s website hosting environment.

Proseware develops websites, primary web apps, and custom internet apps. The web sites and the apps are hosted and maintained within the website hosting surroundings of Proseware.

Physical Locations

Proseware has two offices placed in Seattle and Montreal. The Seattle office contains all of the hardware required to host its clients’ web sites, net apps, and databases. The Seattle workplace contains the IT team for the website hosting environment.

The Montreal workplace consists of all the hardware required to host the enterprise’s internal packages, databases, and web sites.

Each office connects at once to the Internet. Testing famous that the minimal latency from the offices to Microsoft Azure is 20 ms.

Existing Environment

Internal Microsoft SQL Server Environment

Proseware makes use of a custom patron courting management (CRM) application.

The inner Microsoft SQL Server environment includes two bodily servers named CRM-A and CRM-B. Both servers run SQL Server 2012 Standard and host databases for the CRM application.

CRM-A hosts the main instance and CRM-B hosts the mirrored instance of the CRM database. RM-A also hosts databases for numerous different packages that are used by the business enterprise’s internal packages.

CRM-A has a quad core processor and 12 GB of RAM. CRM-' has a twin center processor and eight GB of RAM.

Custom Web Applications Environment

Some Proseware customers request custom web-based totally applications that require more than simply databases, together with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and CLR stored approaches.

Proseware uses a Hyper-V server named Host1. Host1 has four instances of SQL Server 2014 Enterprise within the host working gadget. The times are mirrored on a server named Host2.

Host1 also hosts four digital machines named VM1, VM2, VM3, and VM4. VM1 has SQL Server 2005 Standard hooked up. VM2 has SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition established. VM3 has SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition set up. VM4 has SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition hooked up.

Host1 uses a SAN to shop all the records and log documents for the four SQL Server instances and the four virtual machines.

Websites and Basic Web Apps Environment

Proseware has two physical servers named WebServer1 and WebData1. WebServer1 hosts basic net apps and web sites for its customers. WebData1 has a database for every internet site and every primary internet app that Proseware hosts. WebData1 has four cores and eight GB of RAM.

Each internet site database incorporates patron information for billing purposes. Proseware generates a consolidated record that incorporates data from all of these databases.

The applicable databases on WebData1 are:

*CWDB: Currently 60 GB and is not expected to exceed a hundred GB. CWDB contains a table named Personallinfo.

*MovieReviewDB: Currently five GB and is not expected to exceed 10 GB.

Marketing Department

Proseware has an internet app for the marketing branch. The web app makes use of an Azure SQL database. Managers in the advertising and marketing branch sometimes bulk load statistics via the usage of a custom software. The database is updated day by day.

Problem Statements

Proseware identifies the subsequent problems:

* Lack of making plans and knowledge has complex the database environment

* Customers who have net apps hosted on Webserver1 report frequent outages resulting from disasters on

WebDatal. The contemporary uptime is less than ninety percentage .

* internally customers bitch of slow performance via the CRM application whilst the databases fail over to CRM-B

* WebDatal has no high availability option for the databases or the server.

* An inner licensing audit of SQL Server identifies that Proseware is non compliant. Hostl, CRM- A, and CRM-B are certified nicely. VM1 VM2, VM3, VM4, and WebDatal are unlicensed.

Business Requirements

Proseware identifies the following business necessities:

Security Requirements

Proseware hosts a database for a organization named Contoso, Ltd. Currently, all of the personnel at Contoso can access all of the information within the database.

Contoso plans to limit user get entry to to the CWDU database in order that customer service representatives can see handiest the data from the PersonalInfo table that relates to their personal customers.

Question: 1


You want to pick out which techniques to use emigrate MovieReviewDB and CWDB.

Which approach ought to you pick out for each database?To answer, select the proper options inside the solution area.





Question: 2

You are planning the consolidation of the databases from Host1.

You need to identify which methods to use to again up the information after the consolidation completes. What are two possible methods that gain this intention?Each accurate answer provides a complete answer.


B. AlwaysOn failover clustering

C. A maintenance plan

D. AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Answer: A,C

Question: 3

You need to advocate a disaster recuperation solution for the CRM utility that meets the commercial enterprise necessities.

What must you suggest?

A. Backup and restore by using Windows Azure Storage

B. Log delivery

C. AlwaysOn Availability Groups

D. Database mirroring

Answer: A

Question: 4


You are comparing the migration of the databases from Host1 and WebData1 to Azure.

You need to advocate the maximum cost-effective answer for storing the database in Azure. The answer should meet the enterprise requirements.

In the desk underneath, advise the maximum cost-powerful garage answer for Host1 and WebData1. NOTE: Make only one choice in every column.


Question: 5

You are comparing shifting the facts from WebData1 to an Azure SQL database.

You want to advise a strategy to generate the consolidated report for billing. The answer must meet the enterprise necessities.

What should you consist of in the advice?

A. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

B. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

C. An elastic database process

D. An elastic query

Answer: D

Question: 6


You plan to put in force row-level security for the CWDB database.

You create the fn_limitusers function below the restrict schema.

You want to create the coverage.

How ought to you whole the policy?To answer, drag the proper elements to the proper places. Each element may be used once, extra than as soon as, or on no account. You can also need to drag the cut up bar among panes or scroll to view content.





Question: 7


A advertising department manager reports that the advertising and marketing department database includes wrong records. The supervisor reviews that the facts was accurate the day prior to this.

You want to advocate a way to recover the records.

Which three actions must you advocate be performed in series?To solution, pass the right moves from the list of moves to the answer location and arrange them in the best order.